jueves, 14 de julio de 2011

Plazuela Zaragoza

Plazuela Zaragoza

Every Saturday morning the reading and painting club is open for anybody who wants to join, in the afternoon cultural alternative rock bands.

Every Thursday Danzon dance, everybody is welcome.

It is a pleasure to see this Plazuela re-activated, people of all ages are getting involved in this cultural activities, and expecting more people to join. Plazuela Zaragoza is in the last phase of its restoration, but already looks very nice, new floor tiles, benches, lights and Kiosko; the regional trees and vegetation make it a very cozy place.

It was originally built in 1854, in 1862 was named as “Plaza del Puerto Viejo” but change the named when the General Zaragoza was killed in combat to honor him.

In 1953/54 the City major Dr. Angel Armenta decided to remodel making it more modern, the old design was change for a contemporary arquitecture. Fortunate in 2010 the city major Jorge Abel Lopez started a restoration of the original version of the Plazuela to preserved our history, culture and arquitecture.

miércoles, 13 de julio de 2011


Event organized by foreign and local community.

Where: Sixto Osuna where it meets Venustiano Carranza (Centro)
When: Thursday July 14, from 7 to 10 PM

Food, Drinks, Music, Prizes and Much more!! Don’t miss the Summer Street Fiesta,free admission, $7,600 in prizes.

Marina Costa Bonita your own piece of Paradise

viernes, 8 de julio de 2011

Wet Bar

On a hot day, nothing better than a cold drink at the wet bar in Marina Costa Bonita Mazatlan, maybe, one of Martin’s famous margaritas!!


lunes, 20 de junio de 2011

Since 1823 the economy in the State was based on the very prosperous mining industry, but during the 1950 decade it became in crisis, fact that made local investors seek for new economical activities: Shrimp Fishing and Tourism.

The fishing activity was practice even before the pre-Hispanic era, when the natives by using a very simple method and taking advantages of the ocean tides used to catch crustaceous and fish, just closing the ocean natural entrance of water to the mangroves, but it was only and mainly to satisfy their own demand.
At the beginning of the 19th century they started to sell the product to a different market than the local motivated with the arrival of the new railroad routes and the inclusion of Mazatlan in the new maritime commercial circuits. This opportunity was taken by Mazatlecos to show the potential and quality of the product to external markets.

Years later the industry was favored by the appearance of laws that encourage the exploitation of marine resources, also the arrival of Japanese fisherman who contributed with new techniques.

The shark fishing was the first important activity in the port, in some way it was the starting point of flourishing in the Shrimp Industry. The Shark fishing had its pick time in the middle 30’s because the necessity of vitamin “A” that was use to heal injure; this vitamin was found in the liver of the shark. United States was the main buyer and Mazatlan was one of the main producers.

In 1921 an American citizen fished shrimp for the first time in the California gulf using a technique known as trawl but it wasn’t profitable at that time.
In 1938 the Japanese started working in Sinaloa with more advance techniques over the American companies; also as part of their work program they provided training for the Mexican fisherman so they could improve in to their own industry.
In the first season they signed a contract between the fisherman cooperative and Nipon Suissan Company in which they established to give 2 ships to the fisherman with the condition to sell the entire product to them. This same cooperative was able to buy its first own ship in 1939, it was built in Mazatlan.
This way the shrimp fishing industry was starting in Mazatlan along with other species like lobster, oyster and shark. In the 40’s it was a period of adjustment and new industries around fishing emerged, like shipyards, hardware stores, freezers and more advanced fishing fleets .

In the early 50’s the fishing industry was already grown up and mature so it left behind the mining and commercial industry, getting all the attention of the local investment and more fishing companies were created making a strong and highly united industry.
From the 14 existing fishing enterprises; only 2 were for shrimp, and the other 12 were mainly directed to shark and scale. The investment on the fishing industry in 1950 was unbelievable, also in this decade some of the local business men switch from shark to shrimp. In the same year 68 enterprises related with the fishing opened for business: 7 for Industrial frozen, 2 hardware stores specialize in boats, 1 tug, 1 shipyard, 57 for fishing, within 10 years there were 142 as follows: 14 frozen, 1 industrialize, 1 tug, 9 hardware sores, 2 shipyards and 115 for fishing.
By 1951 the shrimp industry in Mazatlan was the biggest in Mexico and the boat owners were in the vanguard.

Now days Mazatlan is considered the Shrimp Capital of the World because of the amount of shrimp that they produce and export to the world; the very well establish infrastructure aloud the industry to export great product at low cost. This title has been earn thanks to the richness of our Ocean, to the visionary investors who believed in a new industry and to the fisherman, hard working people who had made a fishing boat home, the wide ocean their city and fishing their love.

Shrimp is considered one of the most exquisite dishes in the world, very desirable in all styles: Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian, etc.
In Mazatlan we are fortunate to have the freshest shrimp; any restaurant will have it in their Menu. You are also able to buy it by kilo (uncooked) and take it home, there is a fish market where you can get shrimp, fish, crab, lobster, oysters, clams, scallops, etc. at very reasonable price and you are sure there is nothing freshest than that.

The life style that prevails in Mazatlan is the life style that many people have dream with, great weather, beautiful beaches, art, culture, history, people, food and affordability. Mazatlan means to be able to LIVE IN PARADISE.

Learn more about Mazatlan Real Estate.

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The best gift: A Santuario Spa Gift Certificate to pamper him.

Marina Costa Bonita

martes, 14 de junio de 2011


The 5th Marina Mazatlan International Fishing Tournament is coming!!

From the 15th to the 18th of June 2011.

One of the most important Fishing Tournaments is about to start. Expert fisherman will fish for Marlin, Mahi-Mahi, Sail Fish, and Tuna.

Tournament registration fee is $5,500 pesos per line, with a minimum of 3 lines and as maximum of 6 lines per boat. Registration can be done on the 15th at the harbor master office in Marina Mazatlan from 10 AM.

Wednesday June the 15th 2011.

10 AM Tournament registration
8 PM Welcome Cocktail Party

Thursday June the 16th 2011.

07 AM Inauguration of the event, immediately after the inauguration ceremony the Tournament is officially underway.
05 PM Return to the Marina Mazatlan pier.

Friday June the 17th 2011.

06 AM Departure from the official Pier.
05 PM Return to the official Pier.
08 PM Party Dinner at Nautica Costa Bonita.

Saturday June the 18th 2011.

06 AM Departure from official Pier.
05 PM Return to the official Pier.
09 PM Awards Dinner and closing of the tournament at the Crown Plaza Hotel.

The Prizes


1st place: Chevy 2011
2nd place: 16ft Nava bogy boat, 4 nights for two people all inclusive at Crown Plaza
Hotel, a fishing trip with Escualo fishing fleet in Mazatlan.
3rd place: 14 ft Nava boat, a Zaragoza marine reel Shimano Tiagra 50 WLRSA, 4
Nights for 4 people at Serena Resort with fishing trip included.


1st place: Chevy 2011
2nd place: 16ft Nava bogy boat, 3 nights for two people in Buena Vista Hotel Cabo San
Lucas including a fishig trip.
3rd place: Shimano reel Tiagra 50 WLRSA, 3 nights for two people in Sunset Beach at
Cabo San Lucas, registration paid off for the Sail Fish International
Tournament in Manzanillo November 2011.


1st place: 14 ft Nava boat, Marine Shimano Tiagra 30WLRSA, 3 night stay for two
People at Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Mazatlan, registration fee paid off for
The International fishing tournament in Barra de Navidad January 2011.
2nd place: Shimano line Talavera 60XH 30/80 LBS, Mitchel reel TI/20 30GL,
3rd place: IIPSA Marine line DAIWA 30/80 Sealine, Junior Lures set.


1st place: Zaragoza Marine reel Shimano Tiagra 30WLRSA, Ocean Kayak, Registration
Fee paid off for the VI Marina Mazatlan Fishing tournament June 2012.
2nd place: IIPSA Marine Fishing equipment, Registration fee paid off for the VI Marina
Mazatlan Fishing Tournament June 2012.
3rd place: IIPSA Marine fishing equipment.

lunes, 13 de junio de 2011


Since early afternoon on Saturday june11 “El Día de la Música” locals and foreign, young and elderly arrived to the streets all along Centro Historico. People wanted to get the best places to be part of this wonderful event.

More than 200 artists participated in 5 different stages with multiple genres, like Jazz, Pop, Zarzuela, Opera, Salsa, Sinaloa Band, Rock, Classical, etc. The night was warm and beautiful, and people were dancing or singing or just enjoying the music, the ambiance and having a cold drink. Also there was Art work indifferent points so people would appreciate paintings from local and guest artists.

This was a terrific job of Cultura Mazatlán and The Centro Historico council, that worked together to make it possible. This is already a tradition in Mazatlan and every year there is more and more people joining. See you next year!!